Frequently Asked Questions

Talk to Us About Your Eyesight Concerns

At Optic House in Brantford, we are always eager to provide you with all eye care solutions, products, and services crucial to helping you see properly. Let us know about your concerns. We’d be happy to answer all your questions.

I got my prescription and need glasses. Where do I start?

Our licensed opticians and staff can help you choose the frames that best suit your prescription and needs. Not only should your glasses look great, but they should fit you properly and give you your best vision possible.

We’ll ask the necessary questions and troubleshoot any concerns to make sure of your satisfaction. Once you’ve narrowed your frame choice down, we will get into lens choice. Again, our opticians will take into account your physical and physiological characteristics along with your wants and needs to recommend the best lens options available to you.

Your questions and concerns are unique to you and cannot be fully answered via a Google search but through face-to-face interaction. Our staff will take all of your answers along with your physical posture/head position and recommend the products that will best fill your needs.

How do I choose eyeglass frames that fit me?

After our staff has given you a few pointers in what type or size of the frame to consider, it’s up to you to decide what frame suits your personality. We can help you rule out what frames fit and what doesn’t fit through trial and error.

We suggest trying on as many frames as you like until you are comfortable with your selection. It is important to remember that a frame without lenses is much lighter than when your lenses are mounted into the frame.

We usually tell most patients to go with what feels good for them, although most frames can be adjusted or tweaked to fit more comfortably. At the final delivery of the glasses, we do a final fitting to ensure the frame is fitted to your liking and to give you best possible vision.

How do I choose prescription eyeglasses for my child?

The staff at Optic House will gladly assist you in choosing a frame for your child that not only fits properly but is stylish, too. Many children’s prescriptions are complicated, and not every frame is a good match for the RX. We can guide you in choosing the best possible frame to give your child optimum vision.

When choosing a frame, you want to make sure that it is neither too wide nor narrow. If the lenses stick out past the child’s temple, then the frame is too large. We do not recommend choosing a larger frame for a child in hopes that they will grow into it.

If the child is growing, then chances are the measurements on the lenses, and the prescription has changed. This makes the child look through the incorrect centers and the wrong RX.

Choosing a metal or plastic frame mostly comes to personal preference. Although, keep in mind that metal frames with nose pads can be adjusted to fit the child’s bridge while a plastic frame needs to fit the bridge from the start as no adjustments can be made.

The licensed optician will always make sure the frame can be fitted properly before you place an order. Adjustments on Optic House frames are always complementary. We see many of the kids and their parents on a weekly basis.

Remember, most children will only wear the glasses if they like the frame as well. We recommend letting your child play a significant role in the selection process. We will try to make the experience as fun as possible.

What should I look out for when purchasing sunglasses?

The number one concern for most people when purchasing sunglasses is looks. Not only should they look good but they should be functional as well. You want to make sure that you have ample coverage blocking out light from all directions.

If you are purchasing non-prescription sunglasses, you want to look for an indication that they block out 100% UV. All sunglasses purchased at Optic House, whether it be RX or non-RX, block out 100% of ultraviolet light.

Another consideration for non-RX is the optical quality. Many times, we’ve seen patients with low-quality, distorted lenses in sunglasses that could be damaging your eyes or decreasing your vision acuity.

If you’re purchasing prescription sunglasses, let one of our experienced staff members guide in the right direction. They can help you choose the best frame for your prescription.

With our full-service lab, we are able to put many prescriptions into wrap or oversized frames that most optical stores would turn down. Choosing a tint color and density is completely up to you. Again, with our in-store lab, the options are limitless.

How do I determine the best fit for my contact lenses?

To ensure the best possible fit for contact lenses, we must start with a current prescription no older than 1 year. This RX is the green light from the eye doctor saying your eye is healthy enough to wear contact lenses. Next, the optician will take the curvature measurements off your cornea.

These are crucial when selecting a lens. If the lens curvature does not coincide with your cornea, you could result in serious damage to your eye or potentially loss of vision. A quick check up on the outer surface of your eye will tell us if your eye has sufficient tears and is healthy enough to sustain contact lens wearing.

Much goes into choosing the proper contact lenses for every patient. We take environment, lifestyle, measurements, lens material, and water content into account when selecting the lens. There is no cookie cutter one-lens-fits-all way of doing this.

Our body chemistry is constantly changing, and so the contact lens fitting is never complete. We recommend regular visits with your eye doctor and then with us to ensure the best fit, vision, and health of your eye.

Get in touch with our opticians to set up a consultation or let us know any of your inquiries other than what’s listed on our FAQs. Call us today at 519-752-5456.